Photoshoot Locations

Check out some of our favourite locations for your pet photoshoot!

Think about your home and what type of Artwork you'd like to display on your walls. A stunning beach sunset perhaps? or Maybe a Dark a moody portrait in the woods?

Felixstow Reserve

Felixstow Reserve has a great mixture of backdrops including the lower section of the reserve alongside the River Torrens with lots of trees, logs and boulders for your pup to pose on and a large open grassy area which is great for running shots! 

Head back up top and find bridges, winding paths, some large metal artwork and open skies. Theres lots of variety at this park and its a popular place for people walking their dogs, BBQ's and fitness.  

Felixstow reserve_edited.jpg

Blackwood Forest

Set amongst the tall pine trees, Blackwood forest has beautiful filtered light shining through the trees at sunset which makes for striking and moody portraits. Being the only National park you can take your dog off leash, its great for getting some running shots as well in the open fields near by.
Blackwood forest is a nice quiet place with not too many people. Great for dogs (and humans) who prefer the peace and quiet.

blckwood pano 2-.jpg

Port Noarlunga

A few minutes south of Port Noarlunga is a beautiful quiet beach with stunning  views of the hills behind. This makes an ideal backdrop for some gorgeous sunset photos of your dog playing on the beach. 

Port noarlunga dog photoshoot.jpg